Clean Eating Academy

+ You’ve tried eating clean and working out.

+ You’ve tried counting calories and depriving yourself.

+ You’ve even tried some of the popular crash diets.  

+ You’ve tried them all without lasting success.

But there IS a better way.

+ If you’re ready to teach your body how to burn fat

+ If you’re ready to lose that lingering weight

+ If you’re ready to feel amazing and have more energy

+ If you’re ready to eat well without spending hours in the kitchen

+ If you’re ready for lasting success


Then you’re ready for my 4-week Clean Eating Academy.

Weight loss starts in the kitchen, not the gym.  We’ve all heard the saying, “You can’t exercise your way out of a bad diet.”  Well, it’s true.  It doesn’t matter how many miles you run or how heavy you lift, if you’re still using the wrong fuel for your body then you won’t meet your goals.  You may see a little bit of success, but you simply won’t see the results you want if your nutrition isn’t a priority.

As a marathon runner, I know the importance of solid nutrition. But after years of clean eating I was still confused about the best way to fuel my body, while increasing my energy and feeling my very best. So, I dove into nutrition research and figured out how to take simple strategies to the next level and make them easier to understand and easier to apply to a real person living a real life…not just in a nutrition bubble.

So, I created my Clean Eating Academy to help busy women like you look and feel their absolute best.

Clean Eating Academy is more than just a grocery list and meal plan. During our 4 weeks together, you will learn the WHY behind specific food choices. You’ll learn how to make strategic decisions regarding your food that keep life simple and enjoyable, while moving you toward your goals.

We’ll learn Whole Food nutrition basics:

+ What to eat & what to avoid and WHY

+ Which oils, sweeteners and salts are best

+ Gluten and FODMAPs 101

+ Gut health & why it matters

+ Probiotics and the best ways to get them

+ How to reduce inflammation in the body


Once our nutrition foundation is in place, we’ll learn:

+ Carb cycling – what it is, why it matters, & how to do it

+ Intermittent Fasting – why and how to start

+ Macros – what they are and why you care

+ Meal planning and prepping

+ Ways to simplify for busy families


I’ve not only seen how well this works for others, I’ve seen the results in myself.  I don’t just teach these strategies, I live them every day because THEY WORK!  And don’t worry, I still believe in treats!  But I’ll teach you the best way to incorporate them so you don’t derail all your hard work.


In addition to the nutrition information above, you’ll also get:

+ Grocery list of approved foods

+ Sample fat loss meal plan

+ Simple and delicious recipes for busy families

+ A supportive online community with daily challenges to implement what you’re learning

+ Daily accountability with me through our online community

+ Access to our Pinterest boards with tons of great recipe ideas


As a FASTer Way To Fat Loss Certified Coach, I’ve seen this nutrition strategy work with amazing effectiveness and lasting results!  This lifestyle works for me and for thousands of other people who are burning fat and eating better than they ever have.

Looking and feeling your best does NOT mean eating cardboard and running a thousand miles every week.  You can enjoy what you eat and live your life while still reaching your goals. Let me show you how with my 4 Week Clean Eating Academy. The next round starts October 16th and is only $99! Grab your spot now, the price will be going up to $150 after this round!

The return on your investment will be meeting your goals, feeling great, having the energy you want, and living your happiest, healthiest life.  Sounds pretty good, right??