Snowman Cookies

January 18, 2010

We made some very cute, very rich snowman cookies! The boys liked decorating them more than they liked eating them!

These two were my favorites. #2 got very creative!

Oreo cookies
1 c vanilla frosting (ready to spread, from a can)
3 oz vanilla almond bark
m&m minis
orange slice jelly candy things
decorator’s gel
Melt the almond bark according to package directions, stir in frosting. Dip cookies and place on wax paper lined cookie sheet. While wet, place the regular m&m’s on the sides for earmuffs, use the m&m minis as eyes, and then place a small wedge of orange candy for the nose. Draw a mouth on with the gel.
*Mini chocolate chips are cute for the eyes.
*These were so rich that one bite was enough. Even for the sugar lovin’ boys.

By Becky

Becky is a mom to 4 kiddos and wife to an awesome guy. She's a food fanatic and loves creating and improving recipes. Bread is her weakness and delicious food is her passion!