Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches

August 24, 2015

These Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches are the perfect treat for a hot summer day!  They were originally featured on Somewhat Simple.  They are deliciously simple, and easy enough for little helpers in the kitchen.  They are great as-is, or you can cover the ice cream in sprinkles.  Perfect for parties!

These mini ice cream sandwiches are easy to put together, and they’re just the right size for little hands and little tummies! My kids go crazy for these…maybe because everything is better when it’s mini!

Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches


  • 20 sandwich cookies
  • favorite ice cream, homemade or store-bought
  • sprinkles, optional


  1. Separate sandwich cookies and lay them on a pan with the insides facing up.
  2. Scrape off filling (unless you want it in your sandwich. Otherwise, just leave it! I usually remove it.)
  3. Soften ice cream, but make sure it isn’t melted.
  4. Using a medium cookie scoop, place one scoop of ice cream on 20 of the cookies (half of all the sandwich cookies).
  5. Top each ice cream scoop with the other cookie sandwich half. Press down slightly to secure cookies and push ice cream to the edge of the cookies.
  6. If ice cream is still firm enough, roll ice cream edge in sprinkles or sprinkle them directly onto the ice cream, if desired. If ice cream is too soft, place in freezer until it is firm enough to hold up, but not hardened.
  7. Cover and place ice cream sandwiches in freezer until ice cream has hardened. For this small size, mine usually take about an hour.
  8. Remove from freezer just prior to serving.


  • If your ice cream seems to be melting fast and losing its shape, return it to the freezer until it’s firm enough to work with. I learned from experience that multiple batches are a must for my warm kitchen.
  • We keep our freezer pretty cold, so your ice cream sandwiches may take longer to harden if it’s not arctic temps like ours.
  • I used Oreo Cookies, use your favorite variety of cookie (cookies like Biscoff or Chips Ahoy also work great).

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    By Becky

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