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March 15, 2016

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Are you looking for a fantastic sugar scrub that you don’t have to spend a fortune on?  Then this Orange Mint Sugar Scrub is just what you need!  If you’re late to the sugar scrub game (like I was), this is a great recipe to start you out!  It’s super simple and you can customize it exactly the way you want it.  The minty orange scent is also refreshing and smells good enough to eat.  (You *could* eat this scrub, but I’d probably stick to skin care.)Sugar Scrub Orange Mint 2This post may contain affiliate links.  Read my disclosure policy here.

Orange Mint Sugar Scrub is the newest weapon in my skin care arsenal!  Sugar scrubs are a simple, inexpensive way to exfoliate and reveal soft, glowing skin!  You can customize them with different essential oils and extracts to get just what you want…for pennies per batch!

I am always looking for beauty products that will be kind to my skin.  I have suffered from acne for most of my life (like, more than 20 years, people!) and have tried countless products.  Most of them were before the big push for organic and natural, so questionable ingredients may have been party of my problem!

It’s really not just a vanity issue (but let’s be honest, it’s really hard when you don’t feel pretty.  Truly.  And when you have cystic acne, it’s painful too!).  The skin is the body’s largest organ, and like any other organ, we should do our best to keep it healthy.

One of the things I love about Whole Foods Market is that they carry SO many products that are good for your skin and good for the earth AND support a cause.  They currently have a fantastic assortment of products that I can’t get enough of.  Some of their amazing products include:

So add this scrub to these awesome products, and your skin will love you!

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