5 Fun Valentine’s Day Activities In Salt Lake City

February 1, 2018

Valentine's Day Activities

5 Fun Valentine’s Day Activities in Salt Lake City

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a love-it-or-hate-it holiday.  Everyone can find something fun to do whether it’s with your sweetheart or gal pals, or even flying solo.  From traditional to unique, there’s always something fun to do if you call Utah home!

There are about a million awesome things to do, but I’m highlighting five of my favorites.  These are inspired by the incredible Utah Influencers Getaway I attended last month.  Our generous sponsors made it possible for us to experience out-of-this-world meals, neverending snacks, and a super fun activity!

Whether it’s a night out, a night in, or somewhere in between, there are so many fantastic things to experience in Salt Lake!

1.Romantic Dinner for Two

Christopher’s Prime Steak House & Grill is the perfect restaurant for a romantic dinner for two.  The ambiance is perfect, the service is top notch and the food is divine.  From delicious appetizers to incredible entrées to amazing desserts, you’ll love everything about Christopher’s.  Right now you can even find a Groupon that will save you 46% off your meal!

Valentine's Day Activities In Salt LakeChristopher’s is located in downtown Salt Lake City and opens nightly at 4:30.  You can make reservations on their website or by calling (801) 519.8515.

Bottom Line: the prices are upscale, but so is the experience.  If you use the Groupon, you can have the ultimate Valentine’s dinner for an incredible value.

2. Escape Room

If you’re looking for a unique Valentine’s Day activity, Live Game Escape is it!  Escape rooms have exploded in popularity because they are fun, challenging and different than the same-old activities you usually do.  There’s a Groupon for this right now, too!

Valentine's Day ActivitiesLive Game Escape is located in downtown Salt Lake City and offers 3 different rooms.  You’ll work together with your team to discover clues that will help you escape your room within the allotted timeframe (usually an hour).  Don’t be fooled, it’s not as easy as you’d think!

You don’t have to plan a romantic evening to enjoy this activity.  Escape rooms are great for couples, of course, but they’re also great for groups that have no intention of going to first base at the end of the night.

Bottom Line: it will cost you more than a movie, but it’s also a lot more unique (and fun!) which is a big V-Day plus!  Use the Groupon to save about 50% off the price.

3. Take a Class

Classes are one of my favorite activities because not only is it a fun and unique date night, but you’ll also learn a skill!  Harmon’s Neighborhood Grocer has some of the best classes around—and if you haven’t shopped there in a while, you’re missing out…they’ve redefined the grocery shopping experience.

Harmon's Cooking ClassBottom Line: this will also cost you more than a movie, but it’s also much cooler.  (Look, I love movies too, but unless you’re seeing The Greatest Showman, do something a little more unique! 😉)  This is another ideal activity if you want to do something fun for Valentine’s Day but you’re riding solo or with a group.

4. Try Breakfast Instead of Dinner

Looking to switch up your Valentine’s Day this year?  Try breakfast instead of dinner!  There are so many fun breakfast places popping up that it’s easy to try something different.  Pig and a Jelly Jar is a new favorite (and how cute is that name??).

If the words Southern Comfort Food mean anything to you, then make a trip here your top priority.  They serve a fresh, from-scratch menu with unique flavor twists you’ll love.  Can’t make breakfast?  No problem!  Catch them for lunch or dinner if that fits your schedule better (check their website for hours, dinner is served Thursday-Sunday).

Bottom Line: this is a great, affordable option for a delicious meal.  The atmosphere is fun and funky and it’s not typical chain restaurant fare (BIG plus!).  Also, three words: bacon onion jam.  You’re welcome.

5. Make a Treat to Share

Sometimes a night-in is just what the doctor ordered, but that doesn’t mean you’re destined for takeout and Netflix (although I’m not saying that’s a bad option 😉).  Try making a treat and sharing it with a neighbor.  I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t love to be thought of.  Be especially mindful of a neighbor that might not be getting much Valentine’s Day action (we love our sweet adopted (widowed) grandma next door).

Not sure what to make?  I can help!  Try some of my family’s favorites.

Valentine's Day Treats

classic no-bake cookies  ||  s’mores pizookie

Valentine's Day Treats

  thin mint oreo pops  ||  chocolate covered caramel stuffed pretzels

Thanks to MediaVine, Christopher’s Prime Steak House and Grill, Live Game Escape, Pig and a Jelly Jar and Harmon’s for sponsoring this incredible getaway.  Utah really does have some of the best restaurants and activities for making your Valentine’s Day unique, memorable and fun!

There are about a bazillionteen other awesome things to do that didn’t make this list.  Feel free to share yours in a comment, I’d love to add it to my bucket list!

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