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Granola Bars

I am really excited to try these granola bars. My awesome sister sent me the link, thanks!! I think I'll try them soon, maybe tomorrow. I think #2 will probably eat the entire batch.

Applesauce Bread

Pretty soon I'll stop posting recipes that I haven't made. If I don't do this, I'll forget where I saw them, and I really want to try them. This looks yummy. Another Martha.Applesauce Bread4 cups flour2 Tbsp cornstarch2 cups sugar4…

NM Chocolate Chip Cookie Modified

This blog's slightly modified version of NM's recipe:Mocha Chocolate Chip Cookies (from NM Cookbook via Katy)1 cup (2 sticks) unsalted butter, cool room temp2 cups (450g) golden brown sugar1/3 cup (65g) superfine sugar3 teaspoons instant espresso powder (optional)2 large eggs4…

Monkey Bread Rolls

From the Better Homes and Gardens Anyone Can Cook recipe book. These sound so good, perfect for an after-church snack. Can't wait to try them!1/2 of a 34.5 oz package frozen cinnamon sweet roll dough or frozen orange sweet roll…